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RF (Radio Frequency) drying is a type of drying process that uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to generate heat and dry materials. RF drying is particularly well-suited for thin paper and substrates due to its ability to dry these materials quickly and uniformly without causing warping or other damage.

Strayfield’s RF dryers can be a highly efficient and effective option for drying thin paper substrates, ceramic paper, match box striking surfaces, water based adhesives, leather sheets, packaging boards & many more thin substrates. Its speed, energy efficiency, ability to dry materials uniformly, and reduced environmental impact make it a compelling option for companies in a wide range of industries.

Technology Advantages

  • Faster drying: RF drying can dry materials much faster than conventional methods such as air or infrared drying. This is because RF energy can penetrate the material and generate heat uniformly throughout the material, which leads to faster evaporation of moisture. Strayfield’s RF dryers can dry at speeds up to 600 m/min.
  • Energy efficiency: RF drying is more energy-efficient than other drying methods because it uses electromagnetic energy to generate heat directly within the material being dried. This reduces the need for external heating sources, which can save energy and reduce costs.
  • Improved quality: RF drying can improve the quality of the dried material by reducing the risk of warping or curling, which can occur with other drying methods. This is because RF energy can be applied uniformly throughout the material, which reduces stress and strain on the material during the drying process.
  • Reduced environmental impact: RF drying can be a more environmentally friendly option for drying paper and thin substrates because it does not rely on fossil fuels. Additionally, RF drying can reduce the need for chemicals and other additives that may be required with other drying methods.

Strayfield Advantages

  • Energy efficiency: Highest energy efficiency in the industry
  • Filtered Oscillator design: Strayfield is the only manufacturer with a filtered oscillator design that adheres to EN55011 and is truly CE compliant
  • Automatically adjusting power that ensures controlled drying and unmatched arc suppression
  • Dual Extraction Design
  • Strayfield electrodes: Optimal power density ensuring uniform and high speed drying

Dryers For

Match striking surfaces

Ceramic Blankets

Packaging boards

Leather sheets

Water based adhesives for book binding

Water based adhesives for sealing

Transform your Web and sheet drying process with Strayfield’s RF Dryers. Enjoy consistent drying, eliminate warping, and achieve rapid drying speeds.
Welcome to Monga Strayfield, the Benchmark for High Precision Heating and Drying Technology.

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