Radio Frequency heaters by Strayfield for an optimal thawing profile

Revolutionizing the Food Industry with Innovative Radio Frequency Tempering Equipment

Strayfield has revolutionized the food industry with its innovative tempering equipment, which quickly and uniformly heats products via a Radio Frequency heating process. Through our unique flat electrode technology, we provide maximum flexibility across a wide variety of products including chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and fruit pulps.

Our technology ensures a uniform thawing rate at high speeds translating into reduced drip losses & lesser product deterioration due to bacterial growth.

The ideal solution for the tempering, and defrosting processes is here!

Technology Advantages

  • Achieve high rate of productivity with continuous flow lines
  • Eliminate drip losses by maintaining a uniform thawing rate across the product
  • Eliminate increase in microbial load through extremely short processing times

Strayfield Advantages

  • Energy efficiency: Highest energy efficiency in the industry
  • Filtered Oscillator design: Strayfield is the only manufacturer with a filtered oscillator design that adheres to EN55011 and is truly CE compliant
  • Double electrode balanced output: Isolated energy in the area of application that minimises the return current paths through the structure of the machine, thereby reducing RF emissions and improving efficiency
  • Automatically adjusting electrodes that ensure controlled power and unmatched arc suppression
  • Flat electrodes: Lower power density as opposed to rod electrodes, ensuring uniform and gentle thawing
  • Dual Extraction Design

Tempering Lines For





pork belly

Pork Belly



whole fish

Whole Fish



fruit pulps

Fruit Pulps

meat packages

Meat Packages

Transform your productivity with Strayfield’s Radio Frequency tempering equipment:
Our unique flat electrode technology provides uniform heating and tempering for a wide range of products (including pork belly, fish, chicken, beef, and shrimp), reducing drip losses and preventing bacterial growth. Reach out to us now for more information

Welcome to Monga Strayfield, the Benchmark for High Precision Heating and Drying Technology.

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